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Refugees-lebanon.org is a webpage providing information on all humanitarian aid services available for the following persons in Lebanon:
• Registered Syrian Refugees
• Non Registered Syrian Refugees
• Refugees and Asylum Seekers from countries other than Syria
• Lebanese host communities
• Lebanese Returnees
• Palestine Refugees from Syria
For the complete list of humanitarian hotlines and service providers in Lebanon please refer to ‘Contacts’ section.

For information on available humanitarian services in Lebanon consult the ‘Q&A (Questions & Answers)’ section. The Q&A explain specific services, where they are available and for whom. The humanitarian services being provided include essential relief supplies, healthcare, education, psychosocial support, water, sanitation and shelter assistance. The amount and type of support and services depend on financial availabilities and priorities.

All humanitarian agencies’ services and activities are free of charge!

The website logo (on the right) represents the Inter-Agency coordination efforts in Lebanon between the Lebanese Government, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Refugees-lebanon.org website is managed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the support of the Inter-Agency coordination efforts.

UNHCR is the UN agency responsible for the protection of refugees and asylum seekers. In Lebanon, UNHCR is mandated to coordinate humanitarian aid amongst humanitarian agencies and organizations.

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