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Q&A on the Data Sharing Agreement between Government of Lebanon and UNHCR on basic information about Syrian refugees


1. Is UNHCR sharing information about us with the Government of Lebanon (GOL)?

Yes, but only basic information to the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) and only with your consent.

2. What kind of information is being shared?

  • Only very basic information (name, date of birth, address in Lebanon and family members). More precisely:
  • -UNHCR Number

    -Full Name

    -Country of Birth

    -Place of Birth

    -Date of Birth


    -Date of arrival in Lebanon

    -Registration Date

    -Relationship to head of the family

    -Marital Status

    -Governorate and District of residence in Lebanon

  • UNHCR does not share information that could compromise your security or the security of your family such as your personal story or reasons why you came to Lebanon.
  • 3. How do I give consent?

    When you register with UNHCR you are asked whether UNHCR can share basic personal information (not your personal story) with the GOL. If you agree, you sign a consent form.

    4. What if do not agree for my information to be shared?

    UNHCR will not share the information.

    5. How is UNHCR ensuring the GOL will protect the information from sharing it to anyone else?

  • UNHCR will not share data until MOSA has a means to properly receive it, store it securely, and only use it for the specific purpose it has been provided.
  • The GOL has also agreed not to share the data with third parties, including the authorities of your country of origin.
  • 6. Why is UNHCR sharing information?

  • Governments have a legitimate interest in knowing who is registered as refugees in their own countries. • UNHCR operates in Lebanon, as in over 120 countries around the world, with the permission of those countries.
  • Sharing basic data on refugees is a normal practice and is done with full safeguards in place.
  • The sharing of basic information between UNHCR and governments helps governments to plan and provide support to refugees.
  • It is for this reasons that UNHCR agreed to share with MOSA basic information on persons registered with UNHCR.
  • 7. What do governments do with that information?

  • The GOL says it will use the information to better plan for refugees in Lebanon.
  • It has also said that it will not remove refugees from Lebanon.
  • 8. Will the GOL use the information shared to force us to go back to Syria?

  • In 2012 the GOL expressed its commitment not to force refugees back to Syria. It has respected that commitment and continues to repeat it.