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UNHCR Call Center

UNHCR Call Center

Please be informed that UNHCR is improving its call centre services.

From now on, all calls related to (i.) services and assistance provided by UNHCR (ii.) registration appointments (irrespective of the geographic location of the person requesting the appointment) and (iii.) other queries will first be responded to by the National Call Centre.

UNHCR is also introducing a new system for facilitating access to registration appointments to provide refugees with a more predictable timeframe for appointments and to reduce the need for cancellation and rescheduling of registration appointments.

To request a registration appointment for any issue related to your UNHCR case file, please call UNHCR.

IMPORTANT: If you change your phone number, make sure to inform UNHCR through its call centre as you will otherwise not be able to receive important information about your registration appointment or other services and assistance provided by UNHCR.

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