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UNHCR offices and the extended lockdown


As you may have heard, the Lebanese authorities have decided to extend the lockdown, to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus and people needing hospital care. The decision is available at this link.

Thank you for abiding by this decision, avoiding movements that are not necessary and staying safe at home. Help protect yourselves and your beloved ones by wearing a mask, keeping distance from others, and washing hands frequently. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please call the MoPH COVID-19 hotline at 1787 (24 hours 7/7 days).

Helplines of UNHCR

The UNHCR/WFP national call center (01-594250) functional between 8:00 to 16:00. Please be aware that, due to high number of calls, there might be some waiting time until the operators will answer your call, or you might have to try several times to get through. We will return missed calls as soon as possible.

For cash/food assistance, card/pin/ATM issues please contact the national call center mentioned above. For other queries you can contact the UNHCR helplines in your area listed below:

  • Beirut/Mount Lebanon: 01-820848 for information and appointments (Monday to Friday 7:00 - 17:00)
  • Bekaa: 76611811, 81477248, 81477249, 81477250. for information / 08-930468 for appointments: (Monday to Friday 8:00 - 16:00)
  • North: 06-205003 for Information (Monday to Friday 8:00 - 16:00)
  • South: 07-343144 for information and appointments (Monday to Friday 8:00am-16:00)

For health emergencies:

If you have a medical emergency, you can call NEXtCARE at 01504020 (24 hours 7/7 days), even if your UNHCR documents are expired. The Primary Health Care Centers have also reduced their working hours due to the lockdown, therefore, we advise you to first call the PHCs in your area before approaching them.

If you have any questions related to COVID-19 or you are suspected to have COVID-19, please call the MoPH COVID-19 hotline at 1787 (24 hours 7/7 days).

For authorization to go out during the lockdown:

As for everyone in Lebanon, to be allowed to go out outside during the lockdown, you must ask for a special permission to the government through two means: 1/ filling out a online form at the following address, or 2/ send an SMS to 1120 with your full name, reason according to the options provided in the application or below, and cadaster. You will then receive an SMS confirmation that you will need to show in case of control.

Here are the list of reasons you could choose from the platform when applying for permit, and that you can also include in the SMS: bakery, pharmacy, Hospital, Medical clinic, Medical lab, Insurance/ Social Security/ Cooperative of the government/ Guarantor institutions, Agricultural pharmacy, veterinary clinic, veterinary pharmacy, Purchase of newspaper/ magazine and/or point of distribution, Money exchange and transfer offices (and withdrawing money from ATM), Shipment company andclearance of goods, Petrol station, Gad supply and distribution station and company, Airport (passenger pickup/Airport (passenger dropoff), Hotel, Visa application centre accredited by foreign embassies in Lebanon, Funeral, Supermarket, Other reason, Markets and vegetables fruits and fish, Agriculture supplies store, Centre for eye and ear specialists, Vans and buses, Taxi, Minimarkets and retail shops, Banks, Brokerage firm, Patisseries, Restaurants, Libraries, Courier companies.

Please respect the lockdown decision, otherwise, you will be at risk of legal and financial charges.