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WFP Upload Assistance SMS - Fraud Message


Be aware there is a false WhatsApp message being circulated among refugees. The message says: “On 4th of April, WFP has loaded your red card with 40,500 LBP per household member. In addition to 360,000 LBP from the bank to cover your needs, you can use your cards in any contracted shops with WFP. You have two months to use any amount from your overall account, if you did not use any of your amount, you will stop receiving any assistance from WFP. For more information, call 01594250 from Monday till Friday”. DO NOT believe the information as this is fraud. We encourage you to stay home and adhere to the government instructions to prevent Coronavirus and to approach ATMs only if you will receive the assistance upload SMS from WFP. For precise on information on cash and food assistance and amount, call 01594250

To check the Fraud Message, click here