Information on Cash and Food Assistance from UNHCR and WFP


Cash assistance is provided in Lebanon by UNHCR and WFP to help the most economically vulnerable refugee families meet their basic needs. Eligible families receive 260,000 LBP (equal to 173.5 USD) per month from UNHCR, and those included in the food program receive additional USD 27 per person. Another group of eligible families receive the same amount per family plus 27 USD per person for food covered by WFP. Others receive from WFP only 27 USD per family member to cover food needs.

There are also other humanitarian organizations providing cash assistance, but this information is only about assistance provided by UNHCR and WFP.

UNHCR and WFP work together to identify the most socio-economically vulnerable families and to assist them. The most economically vulnerable are often those being unable to cover basic family needs, such as food, health care and medicines and rent.

Changes in assistance will take place in November 2018. WFP and UNHCR will send an SMS in mid-September to families who will stop receiving cash assistance. WFP and UNHCR will then in the following weeks begin sending SMSs to all the refugee families selected to receive cash and/or food assistance from November onward.

UNHCR and WFP are not reducing the total number of families receiving cash assistance, but prioritizing those who are currently identified as the most economically vulnerable. While some families will be notified that they will no longer receive the monthly cash assistance, other families will be newly included to receive the assistance; hence the total number of families benefiting from cash assistance will not change.

Please remember to keep UNHCR informed about any changes in your family situation and needs, as well as changes to your contact numbers (mobile, address, email, etc.).